• Paperback-April 6, 2016

    Operation blue sapphire

    “If word of this gets out, it could change the outcome of the war.” Calcutta, 1943 – Blaine Phillips, an American War Department employee, goes to dinner with a French businessman he met at his tennis club. Phillips’ body is found the next day, floating in a canal with a bullet in his skull. The British colonial police treat the murder as a random crime, but what they don’t know is that Blaine Phillips was much more than a mere supply clerk. Now a team of deadly, highly-skilled OSS assassins are tasked with finding out who killed Blaine—and how much they learned before he died. The answers won’t be easy, and the Americans aren’t the only ones in Calcutta with a secret. As war rages on around the world, India is a tangle of international interests, secrets, and lies. The result is a complex game of cat and mouse, and everyone is willing to kill those who stand in their way. Don’t miss this thrilling debut novel of international espionage, murder, and deceit.

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    Reviewed by Patricia Day for Readers' Favorite
    Operation Blue Sapphire by David B. Gilmore contains adventure in surplus. This is a story of some magnitude. An exciting tale of murder, subterfuge, OSS engagement, drug dealing and armssmuggling. As if that were not enough excitement for one book, the tale takes place with World War II as a backdrop. When Blaine Phillips is killed, it is critical to find the perpetrators, so enters the OSS. This catalyst starts the thrilling novel, with plots appearing one after the other, causing the reader to hang onto every word for fear of missing the next nugget of information leading to the last, and the next crime. Blaine Phillips was obviously not the ordinary office worker he claimed to be. His work was infinitely more important to local and international governments, which is why the OSS is put into action on hearing of his untimely death.Taking place in India, the British, Americans, Russians, and Vietnamese all feature in this roller-coaster ride, with the Japanese invasions causing background concern. There is deceit and corruption galore, so be prepared for a real page-turner read. I found I was hooked from the beginning of the story. The pace is fast; the mystery constantly changing, keeping you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the outcome. Whatever that might be. It is a well-written story, with just enough detail, colorful characters, and enigmatic villains to capture and hold the reader's attention. Taking sides was practically impossible as I made vain attempts to guess who the real villains were, and why they were doing the things they were doing. An exciting read. Superb story. Highly recommended for lovers of action.


    Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite
    Operation Blue Sapphire by David B. Gilmore is a crime novel set in the locales of colonial Calcutta around 1943, a thrill read with relevant historical and cultural references. After a dinner party with a French businessman, the body of an American War Department employee is found the next day with a bullet in his head. To the colonial police, it’s another random act of murder. Of course, who would be interested in a simple supply clerk, right? The truth is that the clerk may know more than the colonial police could ever imagine, and the information he has could change the outcome of the war and a lot more. Now a special team of assassins is out to make sure that what the clerk knew shouldn’t go beyond his murderer — and no one knows yet who killed him. For a debut, this is a powerful thriller with compelling characters, a juicy plot, and a captivating setting.

    David B. Gilmore has done a wonderful job with his debut novel, a story that masterfully showcases political intrigue, espionage, murder and investigation. The story starts on a very high note, featuring some of the key characters and the setting. Calcutta, India, is the kind of place that foreigners don’t like to live in, but they have no choice because of the interest India inspires in developed countries. The setting is wonderfully captured in this story. The author presents Calcutta as a very hot and dirty place. “It stinks of sewage and garbage. It’s too hot!” Operation Blue Sapphire is beautifully imagined and written in a way that makes it hard for the reader to put it down. This is one of the best books I have read with an international setting in India. Readers will enjoy the pacing, the intense action, the complex plot, and the social commentary.


    Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite
    I had never heard of David B. Gilmore before picking up Operation Blue Sapphire, but I think I will see his name a lot in the future. I think I will see it in bookstores everywhere, and I'm guessing his books will be prominently displayed in the best seller section. I don't know if this is his first novel or if he has a dozen under his belt. I just know Operation Blue Sapphire is great. It practically flowed with perfection. I am a big fan of spy novels and World War II is a very great arena for any kind of espionage, military, or just about any other type of novel. The stakes just seemed so much higher in World War II.

    Operation Blue Sapphire captures the urgency and intensity of the war vividly. The characters are right for that era, yet they are far from being bland or all cast from the same mold. David B. Gilmore has a style of writing that keeps the story moving right along while at the same time filling in the necessary background and setting up the action. To be perfectly honest, I had to keep checking to see if I was reading a Ken Follett novel because that is exactly the style, pace, and tone that Operation Blue Sapphire reminded me of. Captain Emma Thompson is a woman ahead of her time and the perfect hero for Operation Blue Sapphire. She’s smart, sensitive, and - most of all - capable. She knows how to lead in a way that makes others eager to follow. If you like World War II era fiction and strong female characters, you will love Operation Blue Sapphire.